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Domonick Gregory 


Domonick "D Nick" Gregory   |   MANAGING PARTNER

Domonick A. Gregory is the founder of The Law office of Domonick A. Gregory. His
practice focuses on entertainment law, personal injury, family law, and business law.
As a law student at Thurgood Marshal School of Law, he was privileged to be a
visiting law student at the University of Oregon School of Law. In Oregon, he interned
for Nike Incorporated working in the privacy department handling trademark
infringement cases. Domonick also worked with the United States Border Patrol
assisting them in preventing counter-fit merchandise from entering the United States,
and trademark infringement claims.
Domonick manages complex issues with Entertainment contracts. He has assisted
numerous DJs, Producers, Artists, Photographers, videographers, Actors, and
athletes in the art of drafting and reviewing contracts. Prior to law school, Domonick
spent numerous hours negotiating contracts with major celebrities for their live
performances. He has hosted and promoted many nightlife events. Domonick has
also assisted artist in getting their music cleared for use. His experience in the
entertainment industry directly influenced his passionate work on behalf of his
clients and contributed to his knowledge and strength as an attorney. Domonick has
first-hand experience in promoting, photography, videography, and executive
directing for content creators.
While representing a client in a personal injury case, Domonick successfully
negotiated a settlement with the legal team at American Airlines; ensuring that his
client was adequately compensated for their injuries. Domonick has proven that he is
a competent attorney that has his client’s best interests at heart. Hiring an attorney
who is experienced in multiple areas of the law assures you that all your concerns
will be addressed. Domonick Gregory is the attorney you want addressing your legal

Family Law


- Child Support

- Divorce

- Child Custody

- Mediation 

- Premarital Agreements 

- Post Marital Agreements 


Entertainment Law


- Contract drafting and Review

- Endorsement Deals 

- Ancillary Agreements (360 deals)

- Music Services Agreement

- Distribution Agreements

- Licensing Agreements

- Songwriting contracts

- Cease and Desist Notices

- Copyright and Trademark Registration 

- Management Contracts

- Music Production Agreements

- Music Video Production Contracts

- Personal Appearance Deals

- Reality Television Talent and Production Agreements

- Live Performance Deals

- Artist Booking Contracts 

- Negotiations 


Business Law


- Business Formation 

- Business Plan Writing 

- Tax Planning Services 

- Contract Drafting and Review 

- Mediation 


Personal Injury 


- Car accidents 

- Slip and Falls

- Athlete Injuries 

- 18-Wheeler Accidents 

- Worker related injuries 

- Mass Torts 

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